Frequently Asked Questions

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Shopify does not allow us to disable this field sadly, they require it for their payment processing. Using a fake address is by no means against the rules, however this can cause payment related issues is some cases. We do not locally store any account information, everything is stored on Shopify servers. 

Please join our discord or register on the forums and let an admin know! We try to keep everything in stock at all times, but sometimes things go out of stock. 

Loader & Cheat FAQ

Here are some common issues:

Your windows version is incompatible with the cheat you are using. You need to downgrade to a supported version. 

You have an anti cheat/anti virus conflicting with the loader. Make sure windows defender is disabled. 

Have you followed the requirements and instructions specific to that cheat?
Do you have vs redistributables? 

Please join our discord or register on our forum if you'd like help. 

Create a ticket on our discord or our forum to request a HWID reset. 

Payment related FAQ

Yes, we can do alt payments such as PayPal. There is normally a fee on alt payments but it depends on the order that was made. Please contact LenZClan. 

Keys and loaders will only be delivered once the payment has been processed. Crypto payments may take longer to process than CC/Debit payments, you can check the status of your payments from the account page. 

Check if the cheat you purchased indicts it supports automatic delivery, some cheats and/or loaders must be delivered manually. If you received your loader and your key is missing, create a support ticket in our Discord.

Join our discord for quicker support.